100 FLINDERS LANE, MELBOURNE, VIC 3000 c/o We are Humble PTY. LTD.

A Joseph Haddad


No. 100 Flinders Lane —

Enter through the deli, slip past the glass screens and settle into the banquette seats of the dining room for a glass of wine and some delicious food. Part delicatessen, part wine bar and restaurant, No. 100 is the perfect addition to Flinders Lane.

Sitting in the rear of the iconic 101 Collins St Tower, with a Flinders Lane entry the space had a dual identity from the get-go. We asked ourselves, how can we embrace this double nature and enhance it.

Hidden behind nostalgic curtains, No.100’s split personality is expressed through its colour, material, tone and functionality, and is literally two spaces in one.

The stripped back, utilitarian deli offers you your takeaway coffee and a fresh mortadella sandwich evoking a slick retro diner feel. It’s the kind of place you’d imagine existing simultaneously in Europe or on the streets of downtown New York. A place that feels super familiar, you can be super regular, and is always super on-point.

The luxurious dining room is tucked away in the corner and is the perfect spot for a long lunch. Things here are softer and more tactile, whether that’s the carved wood panels referencing the carved stone of those famous 101 columns, or the undulating curves of the upholstered banquette that create subtle nooks for each table setting. We wanted to create a space that felt luxurious yet still comfortable.

The spaces oppose but still vibe off each other to create the perfect hybrid. a place that mixes bold linework, contrasting textures, and can take you from day to night.

Client: Joseph Haddad
Builder: Four Seasons Commercial Interiors
Branding: Salmon Designs

Lighting: Lee Broom via SPACE
Furniture: Thonet

Photography by Peter Clarke


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