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Code Black Brunswick HQ —

2020 what a year it’s been...

As the year progressed we all seemed to retreat further into our own personal circles, and then at the prospect of venturing out again what were we to do?

Dining out was a conundrum, a recipe of competing motives, a desire to bring business back to normal while still keeping everyone safe and feeling safe.

The idea of Covid circles was not a unique one, we’ve seen them spray painted across parks in New York and public squares in Europe. We were playing with the idea of taking this informative and understandable graphic and immersing the space in it. Our theory was that when the space tells you where to stand or what to do it helps to indirectly make users feel reassured & safe, knowledge is power; or is comforting at least. Blanketing Code Black in a layer of circles using it not only as a social distancing measure for diners but also as a fun graphic treatment. It covers the ground and wraps up the walls folding over windows and downpipes even the logo next to the front door.

Spatially we framed off the space by adding a set of bleacher seating to the edge of the new outdoor dining room, a space for spectators and sun worshippers.

The next piece in the puzzle will be the ‘parklet’ out front, stay tuned.

Photography: Georgia Haynes

Client: Code Black Coffee Roasters
Painting: Totally Kaotic Designs
Bleachers: Four Seasons Commercial Interiors
Chairs: Zaneti via Hospitality Furniture Concepts