27 HUME STREET, HUNTINGDALE, VIC 3166 c/o We are Humble PTY. LTD.




Head South East to Huntingdale and you’ll find the Kaiju Cantina

Kaiju as a brand brings to mind, beer firstly; but also bright colours and irreverent fun mixed in with a wholesome family business atmosphere. Located in a former mechanics warehouse in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne the new Kaiju Cantina brings some more of that irreverent fun to the streets of Huntingdale.

Buoyed by the opportunity to create a new suburban local, we looked to the nostalgia of Melbourne’s suburbs for inspiration. With Howard Arkley’s colourful depictions of the beauty of suburbia in mind we looked to the classic elements you’d find in the retro front yard of your dreams and built the space around a celebration of the suburban. From fences with built in planters to decorative metal work and even a powder blue VW bus, the space transports you to a suburban backyard, acting as the backdrop to your perfect Saturday afternoon.

Shapely low walls and brick piers in classic creams help to delineate the space and give you that ‘talking to your neighbour over the fence’ vibe. The solid brick elements create distinct zones. The bar & brewery to one side and the beer hall & kitchen on the other. Neighbours, separated by the driveway down the middle, all accessed through a huge new garage door. Each space feels different but cohesive, giving the customer a choice of style in seating, suited to various party sizes but each inviting you to stay as long as you like.

The muted tones of the cream brick and the concrete floor create the base for the pops of orange in the decorative metal work, bar and upholstery. The colourful murals on the walls created by artist, Mikey Burton, give the space that final flair and the unmistakable Kaiju! flavour.

Photography by Peter Clarke


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