27 HUME STREET, HUNTINGDALE, VIC 3166 c/o We are Humble PTY. LTD.




Head South East to Huntingdale and you’ll find the Kaiju Cantina

We were inspired by the nostalgia of Melbourne’s suburban charm referencing some of the classic elements you’d find in the retro front yard of your dreams.

Shapely low walls and brick piers in a classic cream colourway help to delineate the space and give you that talking to your neighbour over the fence vibe. The space is split into three sections; the date night zone with it’s smaller table settings and generally more intimate feel. The main beer hall runs down one whole side of the space and is flanked by the powder blue combi van with the pizza kitchen at the end. And straight ahead when you walk in you’ll find the thing you came for, the brewery and the bar.

The iconic Kaiju branding and murals designed by Mikey Burton give the space that final magic touch

From the beige brick to the decorative metalwork and the striped awning, this pub evokes those summer garden party feels.

Stay Tuned - Opening 2022

Photography by Jansen Aui


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