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NGV Pavillion —

Our proposal for the 2019 NGV Summer Pavilion asked Melbournians questions about how they get from A to B. It was aimed at starting a dialogue about the way we get around Melbourne—by car, by foot, by bike, by tram, train or bus—and what we want to see in Melbourne’s future. How is this network created and used? Does it make life easier for certain people and harder for others?

A series of raised walkways snake around the existing garden, elevated by a simple scaffolding system. Coloured to denote the different paths and enclosed to handrail-height using stretched fabric, the pathways connect visitors from Point A to Point B, transporting them from one sculpture to the next through the trees and plants without disturbing the existing garden. Our intent was that the structure used standard, readily-available scaffolding elements that could be hired for the duration of the pavilion, avoiding invasive structural footings at the base.

The walkways allowed users to hop on and off only at certain points, while pedestrians at ground level also navigated these new layers of infrastructure, crossing through, under and over paths at certain points. The central loop created an area that allowed an audience to congregate, with the lower pathway elevated to bench height, while the undulating pathways distributed shade and places to linger.

The pathways invited visitors to walk through the garden and experience it from points they would never have been able to before, to see the artwork, the gallery and the gardens from a completely new perspective. We called it ‘See you there,’ in direct reference to a new way of seeing and experiencing; but in reference, as well, to a continuing dialogue and mindset.


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