d/m/y 03.09.19

#TDKTuesdays is a monthly event organised and curated by The Design Kids, a group formed to help young design students and recent graduates take their first steps into their emerging careers.

Partnering with Richie Meldrum (who gave the talk) and Kaiju! Beer (who served up the canned deliciousness,) the event was as much a chance for the Design Kids community to get together, crush some beer and hang out in our space as it was about the talk itself. Any networking that came out of it was a positive aside; Kim and Jansen enjoyed getting to know all involved and offering any thoughts and advice they could.

Richie’s talk was informative and deep, on the topic of the strategy in design of all colours and the importance of its early assessment and continuous integration through all phases. The forum was open and unintimidating, welcome to questions and interruptions, unfolding organically.

We re-imagined the gallery space; pointing an HD projector at the north wall and arranging all sorts of seating — rugs, cushions, repurposed gallery benches, seats from the airbnb and no less than 40 IKEA stools partly painted Humble blue* — to make sure that everyone in the capacity crowd got a seat and a view. A great night.

*said stools were also described at one point as having been ‘smurfed’

Photography by Jansen Aui