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Cycles Galleria Docklands —

Cycles Galleria is Melbourne’s biggest and best bike shop, started by two mates who together have created a really strong brand with six locations across Melbourne. When it came time to take on their biggest store yet, we were stoked to be called upon. Rather than just a glossy makeover, Cycles Galleria wanted something that would expand upon the essence of who they are.

Set within The District Shopping Centre in the northern edge of the Docklands, CG’s new location is their biggest, most complex yet. Our clients wanted to find a way to activate their space throughout the day and the year, creating a complementary mix of uses by adding a cafe and a cycling studio to the store.

The challenge lay in how to take a brand that had been built off the sweat, elbow grease and hustle of its founders and place it within a more traditional shopping centre environment; and to do so without losing the allure of their rough-and-ready approach.

Some of us cycle for transport, some cycle for exercise and some cycle for the pure enjoyment. For these people their bike is their most prized possession: it doesn’t live on a loop in the street, or in the corner of a cold shed, it is lovingly brought inside—it gets invited into the living room. We sought to evoke this idea with the new CG location, creating a ‘Man Cave’-esque cross between a tricked out garage with all the good tools and an industrial loft-style living room.

We made reference to these spaces with concrete floors and rug-like floor markings, expanded mesh ceilings and screens define key zones and highlight displays. The central part of the store is the open workshop, with spectator benches attached so you can watch your bike getting a tune up, have a coffee, perhaps learn a little bit more about how everything comes together.

The display elements of the store are modular and moveable, capturing the flexibility required for seasonal retail. Expect the store to feel comfortingly familiar but a little new, and a little different every time you visit.

Client: Cycles Galleria
Builder: Square One Projects

Photography by Jansen Aui


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