Queensbridge Square, Southbank, VIC, 3000 c/o We are Humble PTY. LTD.

A Code Black


Code Black Queensbridge Square —

In the forecourt to Freshwater place the bold Code Black Logo glows atop a black shipping container, flanked by a smaller camo clad container. We mined the rich collection of graphic elements in the Code Coffee Brand library, creating a bright fun pop up marking a return to the city. The design takes some of the elements of their super fun branding and applies it to the structure, like a life sized Code Black coffee box delivered straight to Southbank.

We designed large openings in the container to maximise the the visibility of the offering, pulling the openings low to expose the cafe counters and reduce the separation between barista and patron. Opening the container on both the long and the short facade allows the container to catch passing traffic along the Southbank pedestrian promenade and give the ice cream offering its own dedicated service window.

Check it out in Queensbridge Square before it disappears.

Photography: Georgia Haynes

Client: Code Black Coffee Roasters
Builder: Four Seasons Commercial Interiors
Signage & Painting: Totally Kaotic Designs
Vinyl & Menus: Complete Displays
Branding: Salmon Designs